Yeka Okazaki: Melty & Michi

Yeka Okazaki: Melty & Michi

Yeka Okazaki (aka Yeka Haski) is a contemporary visual artist living in Tokyo, known for her bright colors, distorted shapes, and a passion for characters that repeat throughout her paintings. Notably, her “Melty” & “Michi” series have earned her admiration and praise from private collections and institutions around the globe, resulting in a cult-like following that have become drawn to her expressive works.

We’re thrilled to be releasing a new selection of original paintings from both series, this Thursday with Guy Hepner Editions on our online shop, October 20th at 11am EST.

Okazaki describes her “Melty” Series as “the experience of art through the unconscious feelings.” A moment to allow oneself to become lost in a work, uncovering each element of the painting almost as a meditative practice. As for “Michi”, the character most commonly depicted in her paintings, is an introverted black rabbit, living in the Melty universe, where everything is continuously flowing and changing. His reality is like a melting pot of distorted images and associations, dragging him into the whirlpool of fantasy and a world unlike any other.

“My goal as an artist is to inspire my audience and nurture their imagination”. Believing in the power of color as a visual language, she hopes to empower her viewers to also make the world a brighter and kinder place. Her paintings invite us to share in the joy of color and passion for her characters, as well as join in the creation of fantasy – letting new ideas and positive feelings arise from viewing the works. 

Besides exhibitions and international art fairs, Yeka had art collaborations with Google, Ikea, Adobe, Junko Koshino, Fuji TV, Tsutaya Roppongi.