#Textsfromyourexistentialist comes to Guy Hepner

This emerging artist and poet, April Henry, has brought a refreshing, highbrow take on anti-motivational posters, and they are so addicting! Its no wonder she’s basically an Instagram hit overnight.

#Textsfromyourexistentialist, #Textsfromyourexistentialist

Henry successfully brings comical tragedy through the marriage of historical film stills and romantically tragic, yet hilarious, text bubbles. She challenges our cyber reality, while giving her own spin on the works of Roy Lichtenstein, Rene Magritte, and even Andy Warhol.

#Textsfromyourexistentialist, #Textsfromyourexistentialist

“I have a pretty large catalog of images I’d like to use in the future and I hold onto texts for a while until I know one artwork would complement the text perfectly” said Henry. Her collection, such as prints like First Date and I’m Bad 4 me, successfully combine image and authentic text bubble to create a greater meaning in response to our modern society. Her works are rich, intelligent and relatable which is not always an easy find!


#Textsfromyourexistentialist, #Textsfromyourexistentialist

Guy Hepner Contemporary Art Gallery In New Your City is pleased to present artwork from Texts From Your Existentialist Collection by emerging artist April Henry for sale. Inquire on prices to buy Textsfromyourexistentialist April Henry art, prints, canvas and images.

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