Speaking with The Invisible Realm

Speaking with The Invisible Realm

Guy Hepner and The TAX Collection are excited to release two exclusive prints with The Invisible Realm on Thursday April 16th. From the artist’s latest series, Edge of Reality, the prints will be available directly on the Guy Hepner Online Shop on Thursday from 2pm EST. Please contact the gallery directly if you are interested in a pre-release purchase or unique works by the artist.

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Speaking with The Invisible Realm, Speaking with The Invisible Realm

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Your work is interesting in the sense it blurs the lines between analog and digital – could you give us more insight into your process when it comes to image creation? 

Yes, I love the contrast between analog/digital and I choose my images very meticulously to arrive at that fine balance. I like to create situations that have their roots in past decades and therefore contain an inherent nostalgia, but bend the rules and sometimes break the mold of what we know as reality.
Do you find yourself influenced by your surroundings – living between Colombia and New York City?

Very much. To me New York City is a place where anything is possible. But in order for it to be possible, you need to dare and go for it. I am influenced by that type of drive and by the infinite number of unique situations and that everyone there experiences. In Colombia I recharge myself. My view switches from the beautiful skyline to an equally gorgeous mountain chain that reaches the clouds. There is green and natural abundance all around. I like to feel that when I am in Colombia I am in touch with my roots but I also bring what I learn from my life in New York.
Could you give us some insight into the meaning behind this specific series we are releasing?

Edge of Reality is a very special series for me. It represents a constant reminder that the reality that our senses perceive is just a coded version of something far more intricate and infinite. In this series I take ordinary moments and deconstruct them into colorful fibers of the “reality” being experienced. Those fibers also look like colorful bar codes, hinting at the idea that this reality could very well be a preset or coded version of something else.
Speaking with The Invisible Realm, Speaking with The Invisible Realm
Any upcoming projects we should know about?

I am currently on early conversations to collaborate on a music video for a great artist and continue to have one foot on my commercial projects through my studio Brandon (hellobrandon.co) This strange moment in time, in which we are all feeling things being turned upside down, is a good moment for recalibrating, and setting priorities straight so I am also taking the time to do just that. I am also using this time as an opportunity to focus on my art and exploring new techniques both in the physical and the digital realms.What is one thing we can always find in your studio while you’re working?

A cup of great Colombian coffee 🙂Do you have any major influences behind your work or this series specifically?

Well, when I began my R&D process for the series, I found myself stretching the pixels out of a photo as a way to release some stress… I was frustrated and it was sort of my digital way to rip it apart…What I ended up with immediately reminded me of the work of an old friend and amazing director (Gmunk) who was doing some awesome digital tricks and pixel sorting back in the early 2000’s.
On the other hand, because of the nature of the photo I was distorting, It also reminded me of the beautiful color stripe combinations by Paul Smith. But what I ended up doing with my happy accident was something else. I wanted to take it to a new level. I started observing the different aspects of the photo and in my next attempt I began deconstructing different elements and treating them in a multi layered process… and from that I began my own journey, establishing my own set of rules: The type of image, situation, color combination, mood, textures etc. And by going through that rabbit hole I created something I believe is unique and original.
Speaking with The Invisible Realm, Speaking with The Invisible Realm