Untitled 2013

Untitled 2013 by Michael Manning

The paintings are given a clear texture on top. In a lot of ways, it’s a hollow gesture to create the feeling of a hand, admitting that it feels nice to have that element.” – MICHAEL MANNING






digital print and acrylic on canvas




Michael Manning is the prolific digital art pioneer coming to a gallery, Tumblr blog or – if you’re in the vicinity of Southern Cali – Microsoft retail store near you. Manning – find him online under his chosen alias, mirrrroring (4 Rs) – absolutely smashed the recent Phillips Paddles On digital art auction in London with his piece Chinese Broccolini Torta: a canvas combining digital print with acrylic paint in his idiosyncratic style. Whether he’s invading computer stores and making art on their displays (turns out, none of the staff took much notice), or working on hundreds of variations of the same animation on various corners of the web, Manning has turned the humble jpeg into a radical artform.


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