Thick as Thieves by Dan Alva

Dan Alva’s Camo series references not only military shorthand, by using military jargon as the names of all the pieces, but also touches upon the current trends that can be seen in fashion and design. These works are made by deconstructing imagery into a camo pattern previously created using illustrator. The imagery is then reassembled in a puzzle-like fashion bringing the virtual design to life. Once placed within a frame and hung on the wall the works become part of the age-old question of is it art or design?




20 x 30 Inches


Print on archival metallic paper


Edition of 20




Thick as Thieves by Dan Alva

Dan Alva’s works are a hybrid of mixed media and pop culture references, often including subversive undertones. This particular combination of style comes from a family history of Spanish Fine Artists as well as his 12 year career in creative advertising. Much of Alva’s work is inspired from his experiences as a creative director in the advertising industry. He utilizes his marketing background to satirically comment on the messages of recognizable ad campaigns, highlighting the excess of materialism in lifestyle marketing.

He defines a clear differentiation between work and art by sharing that, “As a creative in the advertising world, ideas get watered down from time to time. The original concept rarely ends up being the final product. In the studio I have full creative control. It’s on me to make my vision come to life.”

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