The Day We Met Him by Christian Hiadzi




Acrylic and black grate polish on canvas


35.88 x 48.25 Inches






The Day We Met Him by Christian Hiadzi

Christian Hiadzi is a Ghanaian-British self thought artist, born in Ghana where he spent part of his formative years before moving to London, England where he lives and works. He has been making art since the age of 8, and although a professionally trained architect, he practices his art alongside his architectural career. Art and architecture to him, are like the yin and yang that help him to keep a balanced life.

“At the core of my practice is the passion and drive to create an idea that in itself, becomes a catalyst to challenge and enhance the viewer’s imagination. I consider himself the conveyor, the vehicle through which the imagination of the viewer is pushed beyond the obvious.

I work mostly using the mediums of acrylic and oil on canvas, board, and paper. The faces of my subjects are heavily worked and textured, using mostly palette knives, through the processes of layering and deducting paint.

My current body of work entitled Human stories, evolves around the human form, working between the figurative and the abstract form, where I attempt to elaborate upon unfamiliar aspects of an otherwise familiar scene.

My aim is to demonstrate against the status quo of society, my rejection of mundanity and rebellion against archetypes within a contemporary world; where I invite the spectator to establish a dialogue with my works in order to inspire them. ​

In my work, I attempt to show my aversion towards following the status quo of contemporary society by encouraging the viewer to draw out and observe the beauty of the unfamiliar caught within the ordinary.”

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