The Beautiful Ones by Al-Baseer Holly


Oil and Acrylic on canvas


60 x 48 Inches






The Beautiful Ones by Al-Baseer Holly

About the artist:

Philadelphia native and former recording artist, turned self taught visual artist Al-Baseer Holly (ABH) is an American contemporary artist currently living in Los Angeles. ABH has been a creative since childhood and at the age of 18, he had success as a recording artist working with Pharrell Williams and many others. His career and contacts as a multifaceted artist has taken him around the world and provided access to many experiences, circumstances and people which are relived and portrayed through his worldly and expressive pieces.

For more information on original paintings by Al-Baseer Holly, contact +1 (212) 226-8680 or email info@guyhepner.comcreate new email.

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