Smile by Tyler Shields

Photographer Tyler Shields is best known for his controversial subject matter and shocking pop culture images. Tyler Shields photographs include celebrities such as Heather Morris, Lindsay Lohan, Zachary Quinto, Nina Dobrev and Demi Lovato.


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Smile by Tyler Shields calls Tyler Shields “Hollywood’s Hottest and Most Twisted Photographer”, GQ puts him in the 100 Best Things in the World and LA Weekly says: “The mystery behind his relationships and habits captivate the media, not unlike the art world’s best-known friend of the famous, Andy Warhol.” Tyler Shields photoshoots with celebrities such as Heather Morris & Lindsay Lohan have made headlines on CNN and every media outlet. Tyler Shields continues to shock the public with his rebellious works.

About Tyler Shields:

Tyler Shields is a photographer, film director, and writer, best known for his unique, controversial, shock-evoking captures of Hollywood celebrities. In addition to his Fine Art photographs, he has shot campaigns for brands like Nike, Adidas, Playboy, Harley Davidson, and Gergé Swiss watches, among others. In 2014, the publishing of Tyler Shields’s book, including Smartest Man and The Dirty Side of Glamour, the completion of his first feature-length film, Final Girl, became huge successes.

Shields was born in Jacksonville, Florida where he grew up to become a professional inline skater, he competed in the X Games in ’99 and 2000, even touring with Tony Hawk in 2003. However, this athlete wanted to do more so at 18, he moved to LA.

Always having an interest in photography he began uploading images and videos. “I took a picture of a closet that became really famous on the internet back in the days when MySpace first started. A girlfriend cheated on me, so I took all her shit and I threw it out,” says Shields.  An unknown advertising agency saw this picture, bought it off him and even commissioned him to shoot an ad campaign. Being in Hollywood and understanding the power of social media, not only were people buying his photos but asking to have theirs taken.”..then the people who I was shooting weren’t famous but became famous. And famous people started wanting to shoot.” His photographer Las Angeles captures include some of the most over-the-top, brutal aspects of contemporary celebrity culture.

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