Sinful Pleasure by Giovanni Morales

Las Vegas artist Giovanni Morales is known for his Pop Art paintings that take inspiration from pulp fiction, comic book icons, and nostalgic typography. Giovanni expands his exploration of comic pop in “True Romance” his newest exhibition bursting with multiple painted layers of dramatic styling and emotions.






Acrylic on wood






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Sinful Pleasure by Giovanni Morales

Bursting with multiple painted layers of dramatic styling, comic book icons, and nostalgic typography, Giovanni Morales explores of the birth of cool, pulp fiction, and romantic drama.

Layer by layer, Morales builds vibrant psychological portraits. The polished exterior life spray-painted onto the foreground is a literal cartoon beauty. Nevertheless, behind that semi-transparent veil, the background reveals a more substantial reality. Inner turmoil is shown through old signs, texts that you can’t quite read piling on top of themselves like thoughts rushing through a reeling brain. Even in such mental nakedness, there is still an element of mystery. Giovanni’s work is reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein’s pop masterpieces, however Morales takes a more urban approach. Using spray paint on canvas for many of his pieces he, like many other emerging artists, combines the highs and lows of art techniques. What’s most interesting about Morales’ work is that it is revealing. The longer you look, the more you will see.

For Giovanni the art is in the hand cutting technique of each stencil. His works contain many different stencils requiring hours of cutting before the process of painting even begins.Giovanni Morales currently lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada and exhibits locally and nationally.

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