Silver Drug by Greg Guillemin

Silver Drug by Greg Guillemin now available on Guy Hepner Shop for a limited time.

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Acrylic on canvas




Silver Drug by Greg Guillemin from the Secret Life of Superheroes collection offers a humorous glimpse into the covert, humorous and sometimes steamy lives of some our most beloved superheroes.

What do heroes do when they stop being heroes ? French artist and graphic designer Greg “Léon” Guillemin asked himself what  those half gods amongst men can do at night, when they come back home after a hard day’s work saving the world. Behind those masks and those suits are hiding real men and real women, with all their human attributes… And weaknesses. Human after all, as they said !

After months of buzzing on the Internet, this very popular series was exposed in Paris by Galerie des Arts Graphiques, and slowly but surely begins its journey through galleries around the world…

Greg Guillemin has introduced the second installment to his Secret Life of Superheroes series. Exposing superhero’s daily lives, Greg features Marvel and DC characters doing normal things like Batman brushing his teeth, Wonder Woman stuffing her bra, Spiderman eating a burger, and Catwoman engaging in some NSFW activities with Ivy.

Greg Guillemin, aka “Léon”, refuses to let his childhood passions fade quietly into the past. Science fiction, comic books, and video games still reign. From 1930’s vintage to modern day Pop Art, his artworks rediscover and reinvent styles through experimentation with variegated, minimalistic techniques. As a leading actor in the “Geek Art” movement, Greg doesn’t see himself as an artist, rather as an “Eclectic Graphical Gamer.” While each one of his projects attain international success on the web, a few of his best known include “Exercises of Style” and “Famous Capsules”.

Guy Hepner is please to offer this exclusive collection on works on canvas for a limited time only.

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