Sailing by Herr Nilsson

Sailing by Herr Nilsson now available on Guy Hepner Shop for a limited time.




15 x 22.5


Exclusive graphic paper


Sailing by Herr Nilsson is now available on Guy Hepner Shop for a limited time.

Herr Nilsson is a Stockholm based street artist who combines a cartoonish and controversial sense of humour. Working Under the pseudonym Herr Nilsson, after Pippi Longstocking’s pet monkey, he reminds us how evil can come from unexpected characters or associations.. Nilsson is known to incorporate Disney imagery while combining satire, humor, and critique. Of significance, Snow White is the first full length animated Disney film that captures the idealized portrait of innocence while imbuing violence through weaponry such as guns.

Guy Hepner is please to offer this exclusive collection of Herr Nilsson paintings for a limited time only.

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