NN12 by Juan Manuel Romero




47.25 x 39.38 Inches


Mixed Media on Canvas






NN12 by Juan Manuel Romero

About the Artist:

Born in Argentina, Buenos Aires, Juan Manuel Romero is a prolific artist as an active musician, composer, and polytonal artist. He is inspired by textures and colours that represent his imagined representations of the amalgamation of these creative passions. Romero utilises inter-modality as a tool, chiefly through his musical interests, where it guides his visual expression of the auditory, paradoxically through a canonised silence.

His artworks abound with the echoes of his vibrant life, linking melodies and painting through the embodiment of both artforms. The artist’s ethos is tantamount to his creative vision, Romero states, “Both, rhythm and art, have the power to summon the other.” Indeed, his work in both arenas is directly fed by the other, where symbols and sounds form a confident crescendo depicting a wordless world, one that arguably represents the nature and movement of the human psyche with greater authenticity than the realms of language do.

Romero is engaged with various renowned bands and ensembles in his native Argentina, and when lyrics escape him, he paints that which cannot be told. The artist has an appreciation for the notion that silence is also a form of music unto its own and seeks to capture this very premise in his visual works. His creative process is a veritable game between the visible and the audible.

Juan Manuel Romero has featured in numerous solo exhibitions including Feria Equinox in 2021 and The Laura Haber Gallery in 2019. He has also participated in group shows in the same locations and Tinta BA in 2020, BAEX in 2019, and at the Aqua Hotel in Miami, USA.

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