Love Hate

Love and Hate – Neon by Chris Bracey

Chris Bracey’s Neon Art is a collection of eye-catching neon’s that are bold works filled with energy. Chris Bracey’s Neon Art tends to divide people, between those who find it garish and over the top, to those who revel in the infectious energy. This piece is classic Barcey: bold, eye catching and powerful.


Edition of 5




45x 36






Chris Bracey was a neon light artist for movies, theaters, visual merchandising and various different art projects. He worked mainly in London but also in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Bal Harbour, and ships his work all over the world. Chris Bracey was been the Neon Man for over 40  years.Chris Bracey made neon signs for fairgrounds and sex clubs before he moved into movies and illuminated artworks. As well as working on his own account, he made neon pieces for other artists He created iconic neon’s have appeared behind Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jack Nicholson in Batman.


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