Keep Your Change by Hijack

Graffiti by Hijack




46 x 30 Inches


Oil and mixed media on canvas




Keep Your Change by Hijack

Hijack is a prodigy in his own right and one of the most talked-about, up and coming artists in today’s contemporary art scene. Hijack’s works are a revelation in street art – imaginative, brilliantly constructed and seen in cultural hot spots all over the globe, from Los Angeles to London.  As he’s evolved as an artist, Hijack has crafted a persona, inspired by the spirit of music and the poetry of everyday life.

Based in Los Angeles, Hijack started as an underground street artist, silently stenciling the streets at night.  He targeted Los Angeles’ most heavily trafficked areas – from the hikers in Runyon Canyon to the tourists of Melrose Avenue.  Hijack’s popular Cat series features iconic, elegant black cats stenciled throughout the streets of the city.  These feline silhouettes are Hijack’s signature mark, which he also uses to sign the backs of his art works. Whether his work was on display for an hour, or a month, Hijack creates moments of serenity and introspection for LA’s fast-paced culture.

Lately Hijack has been entrenched in a new body of artwork, working with shattered glass to create stark, three-dimensional images. His talent is showcased in his detailed stencil work, controlled paint drips and urban compositions that are simple yet striking. His work on cement, glass and metal give a fresh and raw feel to his works, which live somewhere in the intersection between street art and fine art.   For Hijack, art is a lifestyle, a passion. And his signature style, steeped in positivity, presents a refreshing future for the next generation of artists.

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