Je Suis Belle Numéro Trois II by Gavin Bond

Juste Parce Que Je Suis Belle: Numéro Trois ( Plate 2)

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Digital c print photograph on paper






Je Suis Belle Numéro Trois II by Gavin Bond

Je Suis Belle by Gavin Bond captures some of the worlds most highly regarded supermodels doing what they do best. Bond captures these beautiful creatures in sexy,  playful poses that go beyond their runway ready looks,

Gavin Bond is one of the most sought after celebrity photographers in the world. Sultry and slick, his photographs capture the surface-oriented worlds of celebrity and fashion culture. A mixture of sophistication, sex and smiles combine with contemporary sensibilities to produce an intoxicating effect.

A graduate of London’s infamous Saint Marten’s School of Art, Bond began his career shooting backstage at the international runway shows, building mutually beneficial relationships with the world’s most cherished designer and fashion models. Focused on women’s bodies and famous personalities, Bond has become known for his behind-the-scenes images of Victoria’s Secret runway shows and his candid portraits of celebrities from the worlds of art and pop culture alike. Striking a balance between posed and candid, his celebrity portraits often reveal an intimate side of the actors, musicians and artists they depict and frequently employ biographical props.

Actor Ed Harris holds a monocle over his eye, while a portrait of Dominic Monaghan shows the actor with insects covering his face, a reference to his love of exotic animals. His series of outtakes from a photo shoot with Mr. Brainwash convey the French graffiti artist’s colorful personality by employing bold splashes of paint. Today Bond is based in New York City and divides his time between Los Angeles and London. A regular contributor to magazines such as GQ, Ocean Drive and Marie Claire, the photographers off-the-cuff moments are ubiquitous.

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