I Don’t Live Here Anymore (3) by Ugo Rondinone

I Don’t Live Here Anymore (3) by Ugo Rondinone




27.6 x 19.7 Inches


Photographs, C-Print, plexiglass, alucabond


Edition 1/2 + 1 AP




I Don’t Live Here Anymore (3) by Ugo Rondinone

Rondinone‘s most notable collection of photographs, I Don’t Live Here Anymore, feature his own take on fashion advertisements, taking classic images of models and digitally altering his face onto their bodies. The result is a fluid mix of the masculine and feminine, creating androgynous images of the human form.

About Ugo Rondinone:

Ugo Rondinone is a Swiss-born aritist based in the USA. He is noted as one of the most important mixed-media contemporary artists today with works ranging from paintings to large scale public installation sculptures. His most recognized work, Seven Mountains is an installation in the Nevada desert comprised of seven neon colored totems made of car-sized stones and measuring up to 32 feet. The work was installed in 2016 and is available to view until 2021.

While his work is easily recognizable for its bright colors and circular, concentric shapes his medium of choice has grown immensely since he emerged in the art scene in the early 1990s. He has worked with signs, taking phrases from pop songs and everyday exclamations and makes them into rainbow-hued, neon-lit sculptures. An ode to the text based artists such as Barbara Kruger and Mel Bochner as well as the neon obsessed artists from the late 80s such as Dan Flavin, Mario Merz and  Tracey Emin.

His sculptures range from bronze casts, reminiscent of the greco-roman era to raw stone. All his works however remain tied to his land art roots with the usage or natural materials such as stone, wood and plaster.

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