Huntington Beach with Fog, California One by Stephen Wilkes




Fuji Crystal Archival Pigment Print


16 x 49.5 Inches, 20 x 62 Inches, 28 x 86.5 Inches, 36 x 111 Inches


Limited Edition


Huntington Beach with Fog, California One by Stephen Wilkes

“To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle” – Walt Whitman

Day to Night is a 10 year personal journey to capture fundamental elements of our world, through the hourglass of a single day. It’s a synthesis of art & science, exploring time, memory & history through the internal & external circadian rhythms of daily our lives. I photograph from locations and views that are part of our collective memory. Working from a fixed camera angle, I capture what I see, the fleeting moments of humanity and light as time passes. After photographing as many as 1500 single images, I select the best moments of the day and night. Using time as my guide, all of these moments are then seamlessly blended into a single photograph, visualizing our conscious journey with time. In a world where humanity has become obsessively connected to personal devices, the ability to look is becoming an endangered human experience. Photographing a single place for up to 36 hours becomes a meditation, it has informed me in a unique way, inspiring deep insights into the narrative story of life, and the fragile interaction of humanity within our natural world.

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