Heavy Load You Tow by Vincent Chung




Acrylic, oil sticks, olive oil, dirt, irrigation strings, spray paint, pastel, tar on sewn canvas (framed)


42 x 48 Inches




Heavy Load You Tow by Vincent Chung
Vincent Chung is a New York born Phoenix-based artist whose work aims to capture the human condition by exploring the nature of existence, the examination of the imperfect, and the mercurial nature of emotions. His multi-dimensional works reside at the intersection of traditional methods and contemporary forms, which he examines by confronting the preciousness that is often associated with traditional painting. Chung’s method is spontaneous and organic working mostly on the ground, indoors, and out, which allows the canvas to pick up fragments of dirt and debris making for unpredictable mark making. The nature of the materials he uses are brought to the foreground by leaving hanging threads and frays of ripped cotton or linen. His work reflects the juxtaposition of labor in an age of instant gratification. By layering sewn textiles and mounting bold neon fixtures, he allows viewers to reflect on the different steps of his process. The dynamic nature of his work has the potential to transform space and evoke emotions through exposing the infinite and ever-changing beauty of life.
Vincent Chung is an emerging star in the local art scene. Chung takes a more impulsive and emotive approach to the construction of his paintings, and his use of “line” finds its most notable place in his use of neon tubing atop canvas mixed media works. Though the paintings have expressionistic, understated and texturally ambiguous areas, Chung slashes right across the canvas or highlights an otherwise unremarkable corner with a radiant contrast of neon light. In illustrative arcs, outline and diagonal accents, the neon harmonizes and accentuates any friction in his 2-D works in a way that brings both peace and frenzy simultaneously.”
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