Gisele Bundchen I, Cannes by Michel Comte

The Women series is a collection of artistic photographs featuring celebrity figures. Gisele Bundchen I, Cannes by Michel Comte features world renowned Supermodel Gisele Bundchen clad in a black bikini about the leap into sea holding a pair of black high heels. The dynamism of the shot shows off Gisele’s power and beauty as well as Comte’s mastery of photography.


Edition of 20, Edition of 7, Edition of 3




22 x 26; 36 x 30; 47 x 59 inch




Oversized chromogenic print photograph


Photography, Fashion


Gisele Bundchen I, Cannes by Michel Comte

Michel Comte eschews cheap tricks and thrills and goes straight for that one decisive moment when a woman’s expression and posture reveal her true inner self in his photographs. Michel Comte portrays his subjects with great emotion and intimacy, producing incomparable results in his high fashion photographs.

The Women series is a collection of artistic photographs featuring celebrity figures.

About the Artist:

Michel Comte is one of the greatest living photo–chroniclers. Michel Comte’s photographic oeuvre brings the most dissimilar human environments into contact, endowing the extremes of our planet with a human dimension. Michel Comte is especially well known for his fashion photography and photographs of stars, such as Kate Moss, Sophia Loren and Mike Tyson. From the very beginning, one theme has surfaced repeatedly, namely women in Michel Comte’s photography.

Comte’s advertising clients include famous names such as Armani, Dolce & -Gabbana, Nike, Lancome, Revlon, Ferrari, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz.

In addition to portrait photography and fashion Comte has also increasingly moved towards photo-reportage and docucumentary. On photo assignments for the international Red Cross as well as his own Michel Comte Water Foundation he has travelled war zones and unstable areas in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Sudan and Cambodia.

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