Fé by Ingrid Ching

“When I wake I don’t ask for a better day, I instead pray for those around me. The sun paints my bed, a canvas for which I am thankful. What more can I ask for than waking in the warmth of a new day, where I have the opportunity to send strength to those who are truly in need.” – Ingrid




Acrylic on canvas


24 x 36








Fé by Ingrid Ching

Ingrid and Ching is an extension of myself: entirely unique, playful, and intricate. It is the harmony of elements and experiences throughout my life – the result of an unending desire to express myself and all I’ve absorbed. My art enables me to develop a voice where my words end. A voice that separates me from the crowd. This voice urges you to consider the positives in light of the negatives, all without saying a word.

I draw influence from the wealth of experience and travel that have composed the defining moments in my life. I have abundant inspiration budding from my upbringing in Hong Kong, to my personal development in Australia, and further refinement in the United States. Every location I’ve lived in has presented me with unique and honest portraits of life. These experiences present themselves as innumerable colors and shapes, creating diverse and plentiful pieces that elicit unfiltered, emotional responses.

Every new creative expression receives my full dedication and attention to detail. Each piece is more than the canvas itself – the art I strive to create embodies cultures and celebrates individuals. We are all original compositions, truly the most beautiful when we refuse to blend in.

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