Degradé Blue by Jean-Paul Donadini

Jean-Paul Donadini has a unique and recognizable style. His technical’ s competences, his academic curriculum, his unmistakable sense of humor are perfectly reflected in his Artwork. La brosse arretée symbolizes the artist’s gesture materialized in a painting, thus making a nod to the creative process.




57.5 x 35.13 Inches


acrylic and mixed media on canvas






Degradé Blue by Jean-Paul Donadini

Jean-Paul Donadini (1951) underwent solid and traditional qualification: the son of Italian immigrants spent 7 at the art colleges of Nancy and Paris before he got to consolidate his style in numerous artistic collaborations – mainly by the one with eccentric Salvador Dali. Due to continuous improvement, his oeuvre is of most versatile nature (painted earthenware jars, blow-up paintings, itineraries, transport boxes, stationary brushes, lipstick on canvas). It is his ingenuity, his academic career, technical qualities, and most of all his sense of humor – both in paintings as well as in real life – that make him a gifted artist of extraordinary and yet exuberant creativity. Maybe it is “The Spirit of Man Ray” – as the painter lives in the Montparnasse studio, the golden years’, giant used to work in. Jean-Paul Donadini is trailblazer and mastermind for Glamour Art – Glam’art in short. This artist uses lipstick to elaborate his paintings – just in the same manner as the popular “red lipstick” does to the lip lines of all the women in this world. The use of lipstick – symbol of the accepted and liberated femininity – the painter comes to the peak of his artistic emancipation somewhere halfway between glamour and pictorial sensuality.

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