Chanel Stack Pink by Ultravelvet Collection

Chanel Stack Pink by Ultravelvet Collection focuses on the defacement of brand names.








Acrylic paint on white aluminum panel with resin coating




Signed, stamped and numbered Edition of 85


Chanel Stack Pink by Ultravelvet Collection touches upon society’s obsession with name brands.

Retail boutiques have become the cathedrals of the twenty first century. They sprawl with every growing flocks of faithful consumers gracing the glowing halls with anticipation. Each is in search of the salvation and satisfaction that another brand new luxury item or article of clothing may bring. No matter how many times, a consumer will always come back for more. The appetite for material wealth grows more and more with every purchase. Fashion and luxury are synonymous with success and happiness and it is this fascination with the material that drew Brand Dominated Universe into being.

Los Angeles based artist Meredith Rose is the creator of the extraordinary Ultravelvet collection. Work is produced on 120mm film using a pinhole style camera from the 1960’s. The haunting complexity of these images, beautifully defaces society’s obsessions with a signature use of vivid color and pop art imagery detailed by hand. Meredith Rose draws in all viewers with the haunting complexity of these pieces. Meredith Rose beautifully defaces the signature mark of name brands such as Chanel, Fendi, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. The Ultravelvet Collection’s true style of vivid colors and pop art imagery is executed with splatter paint that was done by hand.

This collection features new processes for the artist and new materials like plexi glass and diamond dust. The vivid neon glaze of color can be seen splattered across the logo. The pop culture reference to material culture further enhances the branding of the image as this aesthetic preference reinforces the nature of commercialization.


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