Bottle Service Too in the Pink by Market Price




60 x 48


oil on canvas


Unique Painting




Bottle Service Too in the Pink by Market Price

Market Price [MP] – B. 1979
A U.S based fine artist working primarily in the medium of oil paint. The artist has been painting for nearly two decades, though Market Price original works did not appear until 2011. All work prior to 2011 has been destroyed.

“Singularity” (a Doberman Pinscher head intertwined with a Bird of Paradise flower) is the cornerstone of the work. It represents “Being in the Zone”. Those magical moments when we’re all at our best, regardless of how we got there. Characters within the work are sometimes seen in a state of flux with “Singularity” being the optimal state to achieve.

Many works feature a textured grid, often silver. This grid represents our networks, and is the physical manifestation of the network effect. The grid acts as both a bridge and a glue between different elements within the work.

There are other themes taking place, most surrounding wealth and its perception. The stories are a mix of personal experiences and elements of pop culture that helped shape the artist in his younger years. The stories add a layer to the content: notice the names of each work and over time a bigger picture will emerge.

Original Market Price paintings can be found in top galleries around the globe

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