BG 28 by Manuel Fernandez




43 x 55 inches (110 x 140 cm)


Archival pigment ink on epson matte canvas




In the same way that abstract expressionism used error and random as a starting point toward new meanings and aesthetic to the unknown, BG Paintings emulates the glitch process, or visual error that is caused by the corruption of a digital file, but unlike this, the images are painted virtually, editing presets available in digital image software.

Aesthetics evidence the process of image making in the era of digital publishing and Internet distribution. These images are in a state of transit, are captured in an intermediate process files between decomposition to be transmitted over the network and its recomposition in the destination point.

The project begins at the intersection of art , popular culture and the Internet. The palette is inspired by the spectrum of color available on computer devices, the composition midway between the glitch process and abstract expressionism and the production with UV inks on canvas, link the works with the classic format of art history, blurring the boundary between computer graphics and painting, between virtual and real.

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