Apocalypse 6 by Keith Haring

Always politically conscious, Haring used his fame and talent to heighten awareness of AIDS, apartheid and the crack cocaine epidemic, and became involved with several children’s charities. In 1988, shortly after he was diagnosed with AIDS, he collaborated with the Beat writer William Burroughs to create the Apocalypse portfolio. Haring’s provocative imagery and Burroughs’s stream-of-consciousness poetry create a vision of the HIV virus as a harbinger of the end of the world.  He died in 1990.






38 x 38"


Edition of 90


Apocalypse by Keith Haring

When the late renowned artist Keith Haring was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, he collaborated with author William S. Burroughs on this Apocalypse series, which offers an insight into Haring’s personal struggle with the disease.  He died in 1990.

He created the Apocalypse series along with Willliam S. Burroughs who wrote the text that accompanied each of the 10 panels.

Page 6
Oh dont bother – burst from concrete – with all that junk, John – were all spirits, John – covers – the Director is on stage and are melted into – walls – air and you know what that means in show business – of glass – melt into thin air. Hurry up please its time. Caught – burn – in New York beneath the animals of the village – with madness – the Piper pulled down the sky. This insub – billion crazed – stantial pageant faded leaves not a – roads buck – wrack behind. Closing time, hurry – sidewalks run ahead – up its time.

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