Alessandra 2 Backstage by Russell James

These selected photographs are a collection of some of Russell James’ work that are representative of his talent for capturing beauty in all of his subjects. Whether it be in black and white photographs or in color, these pieces display a serene and mesmerizing image of some of the world’s top models. Russell James’ images combine natural elements mixed with the candid and sexy nude subjects to show off his trademark style of work.self.






Digital c print photograph on paper






Alessandra 2 Backstage by Russell James

Russell James is defined by his fine-art photography series and his works have been exhibited in leading galleries around the world. His limited editions are highly sought after by many of the world’s most prominent collectors.

Over the past two decades, Australian born photographer Russell James’ images have become synonymous with provocative, unique perspectives of many of the most prominent people of our time in the worlds of entertainment, fashion and beauty. His works have appeared in leading publications such as Vogue, W, American Photo and French Photo, Marie Claire, GQ, and Sports Illustrated, a vast array of international journals, and ten fine art books and five solo books by world leading art book publisher teNeues Publications. In August 2007, the Artist Russell Jameswas awarded the Hasselblad Masters Award, and in 2009 Russell joined the prestigious ranks of Irving Penn and Helmut Newton as a resident artist of Camera Work, the world’s leading gallery for contemporary photography and vintage master works.

Russell’s diverse photographic achievements range from exhibiting for brands such as Hermèsin association with Guggenheim, to breakthrough advertising campaigns for global brands such as Rolex, Donna Karan International, Victoria’s Secret, Evian and Revlon, to emotional portraits of many of the world’s leading celebrities, musicians and supermodels, including Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Gisele Bündchen, Faith Hill, The Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Barbra Streisand, Hugh Jackman, President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, and some sixty more. He has been the subject of solo photographic exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Knokke (Belgium), Aspen, and Sydney.

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