Jonas Wood: Multiples of Three

Jonas Wood’s works construct and juxtapose complex forms and traditional perspective using basic geometrical shapes and flat color to create the image. He combines modernist abstraction with realistic figuration in all of the different genres he explores, from portraits and still lives to plants and sports.


Jonas Wood: Matching Sets, Jonas Wood: Multiples of Three

Three Clippings By Jonas Wood


His fascination with deconstructing and reconstructing images is evident in his preference to rework the same piece in multiple ways; an example of this would be the changing color ways in his Notepad Doodle series. He also very much likes to work in sets of three as we can see from the Matisse Pots and the Three Clipping releases, by having three variations of the same concept he allows himself more space for expression and interpretation of the work.


Jonas Wood: Matching Sets, Jonas Wood: Multiples of Three

Matisse Pots By Jonas Wood


\Overall, his work reflects a blatantly recognizable vision of the contemporary world that has been veiled in his own experiences and personal affinities. He breaks down each image into compositions of patterns, color planes and basic shapes reminiscent of early Matisse silhouette works, Picasso collages and Japanese wood block techniques. Going well beyond the deconstruction of the physical space onto a two-dimensional medium he creates depth through flatness.