Jeff Koons Exhibition

Jeff Koons Exhibiton

Guy Hepner is proud to present the Jeff Koons Exhibiton. The charismatic Exhibition is filled with  taboo creativity and playfulness that explores the timeless continuity of the human experience and obsession with sex and desire as well as the contemporary evolving ideas of celebrity, media, commerce, and fame. Artworks include sculpture Balloon Venus from his “Antiquity Series” and prints, The Pink Bow of the “Celebration Series” and Monkey Train from his “Banality Series”.

Jeff Koons Exhibition, Jeff Koons Exhibition

Balloon Venus by Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons’ sculpture, Balloon Venus, vibrant and ornate, sits in its perch, void of any facial expression. But, look closer at the stainless steel mirrored surface, and you’ll see your own broad smile reflecting back—a trademark reaction from someone admiring a piece of work by Jeff KoonsBalloon Venus is Koons’ recreation of historical find “Venus of Willendorf”, dating back 23,000 Bc and said to be the earliest known sculpture of the human form. Koons has now created an impactful, modern-day Goddess symbolizing fertility and creativity and representing the everlasting participation of human kind. This icon can even be seen as smaller versions as packaging for limited edition vintage Dom Perignon Champagne.

Jeff Koons Exhibition, Jeff Koons Exhibition

Monkey Train ( Blue) by Jeff Koons

In Jeff Koons’ Monkey Train Screenprints, he continues to combine his influence of art history and innate need to push the boundaries between advanced art and mass culture. By fusing images of historical industry and transport with that of an inflatable toy monkey, he plays with his iconic subject of pleasure, celebrity, commerce, and taste. Jeff Koons prints can be seen anywhere from snowboards and skateboards to jewelry and clothing.

Koons’ The Pink Bow is one to seduce. With the combination of tempting gift wrap foil and a pink bow with the allure of a metallic and iridescent surface, Koons elevates these commercial objects to an artistic icon. The object is inflated to significantly increase its life-size, giving the foil a life if its own, oscillating between monstrosity and seduction, pleasure and distaste.

Jeff Koons Exhibition, Jeff Koons Exhibition

Pink Bow by Jeff Koons

Guy Hepner is pleased to present the sale of Jeff Koons sculptures and prints. Inquire today for prices on Jeff Koons artwork.

Jeff Koons Exhibition, Jeff Koons Exhibition

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