“The Most Famous Artist” Introduces His Pink Series

Matty Mo, a.k.a. “The Most Famous Artist,” is a conceptual artist known for repurposing old paintings and murals. His latest endeavor is being the featured artist of Nomadica wine, an all-female owned and operated company, for its new Pink River Rosé limited-edition can.

Guy Hepner is excited to introduce The Most Famous Artist’s Pink Series artworks to our shop sale this week. His goal as an artist is to use art to control media and to influence global consciousness. He hopes to change the way people think, hear, and feel about issues at hand.

Pink Series, “The Most Famous Artist” Introduces His Pink SeriesTMFA underwent a difficult and uninspired period, where he was unsure which path he would go down as an artist. After some time, he devised a plan that lead him into the right direction. He said, “I concocted a plan to ‘become’ an ‘artist’. A performance artist. A street artist. A fine artist. A famous artist. I wanted it all. And I would use the Internet to do it” and exactly that, he did.


He realized the power the internet has lead him to create exhibitions highlighting ‘millennial pink’ along with partnerships that appeal to certain groups. Recently, he partnered with Nomadica Winery to create their rose wine cans along with an interactive exhibition. He painted a home on a residential street in Los Angeles completely in pink, even including the plants. Overnight, Instagram flooded with posts from this location- proving TMFA’s ability to have an impact on the internet.
Pink Series, “The Most Famous Artist” Introduces His Pink Series

In response to the partnership, TMFA shares, “I’ve been exploring the concept of art and what constitutes art. For the past few years, in addition to painting large-scale Instagrammable murals and installations, I’ve been appropriating found objects and painting parts of them pink.”

Pink Series, “The Most Famous Artist” Introduces His Pink Series

This same pink motif carries over in his pink series, where he replicated the image of a pink river flow seen on his wine cans. Admittedly not a natural painter, TMFA typically repurposes traditional landscape paintings. In this series he covers a portion of each painting with a bright layer of pink to highlight the contrast between old and new.

Pink Series, “The Most Famous Artist” Introduces His Pink Series