Tim Gatenby: Paint-Camera-Action

Tim Gatenby Presents Paint-Camera-Action

On Thursday, November 11th, Guy Hepner Editions is excited to present Tim Gatenby’s Paint-Camera-Action series. The online exhibition features 18 exclusive original paintings that will be available on the Guy Hepner Shop on Thursday from 2pm EST.

Tim Gatenby’s work uses classical painting techniques to subvert pop cultural icons. Often combining deconstructed cartoon characters with dark humour, his images reflect the pressures of consumerism and modern societal tendency towards over indulgence.

“A big part of painting the characters is to create a time machine or portal transporting you back to childhood memories and youthful irresponsibility. Most people in the world must know Mickey Mouse or The Simpsons, they are so far reaching that they’re embedded in the image-consciousness of the world. Collective-consciousness is something that really interests me – does society have a predetermined idea of where it’s going or is our experience based on an amalgamation of random circumstances responding to one another? I hope that by analyzing visual experiences from my youth with a sense of adulthood I can understand this passing of time a little bit better.” – Gatenby

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