Santlov: My Wave

On Thursday, February 4th, Guy Hepner and The Tax Collection are pleased to release a new print series with Santlov featuring a standard edition, embellished editions, digital C prints, and original paintings. The artworks will be available to shop online at from 2 pm EST.


Miami based artist, Santlov is well known for his photography and graphic design skills.


Santlov is known for his series ‘ToysRLikeUs’ which captures iconic toy characters that are photographed in seemingly realistic scenarios. Toy figurines of popular comic book icons and film characters engage in mundane or subversive human activities like playing with their iPhones, surfing Craigslist, or graffiti-ing on walls, poking fun at human behavior. Using toys of pop culture, Santlov creates eerie yet captivating photos that appear unnervingly realistic. Despite this dependence on technology, Santlov uses very little to no post-editing, as he aims to push the limits of realism as far as possible. His work has the ability to examine technology and pop culture’s impact on the world we live in. 


The print ‘My Wave’ uses a background many are familiar with as Santlov pictures Superman, Batman, and Robin riding the waves of Katsushika Hokusai’s painting ‘Under the Wave off Kanagawa. The screenprint will come in regular and hand-embellished editions. The hand-embellished versions will be editions of 10 while the regular screenprint is an edition of 20. These will measure to be 18 x 24 in. The print takes  The artworks will be available to shop online at or contact info@guyhepner for more information.