Saint Hoax Presents ‘Is That All There Is?’

‘Is That All There Is?’

September 15 – December 15 2016

Presented by Guy Hepner and Saint Hoax

For his first New York solo show the PoPlitically incorrect artist, Saint Hoax, asks the inevitable question… “Is That All There Is?”

Selfish by Saint Hoax

Guy Hepner is pleased to present “Is That All There Is”, opening Thursday 15th September in Soho with new works by Saint Hoax on show.

The Wizard of Times Square by Saint Hoax

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist, satirist and sociopolitical activist. An embedded infatuation with pop culture and politics drove Saint Hoax to share his PoPlitically Incorrect vision. Hoax combines tangible and digital mediums, such as a technique called lenticular printing, to create beautiful visual lies that tell an ugly truth. Lenticular printing allows the artwork to change as the image is viewed from different angles.

Baricka O'Bisha, Saint Hoax, Lenticular, New
Saint Hoax has a talent for smashing the worlds of pop cultural and politics into each other in a way that makes hearts and minds explode. Titled “Is That All There Is”, the collection features his satirical series of re-imagined popular icons.

McRoyal Pink by Saint Hoax

“The project is a mere reflection of the current political situation that has taken its toll not only on the Arab region, but also on the entire world.” Hoax explains. “I want my artwork to become a constant reminder that the idolized leaders are merely performers in drag — My art is purely ‘POPlitical’ rather than political.”

The Future is Genderless bySaint Hoax

The exhibition is an interactive journey that rewrites history by turning and tyrants into faux queens. Donna Trumpette, an unique oil portrait of Donald Trump, comments on the performance aspect of the current political debate. Half dressed in drag, half as the face we know, this work questions if we should really believe what we see?

Donna Trumpette by Saint Hoax

Other popular icons are on show including the Queen, Kim Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe as Saint Hoax paints them in a satirical light.

Is That All there is Marilyn by Saint hoax

Please join us for the opening of “Is That All There Is” on Thursday September 15th at 7pm. Guy Hepner is pleased to present unique works by PoPlitically incorrect artist, Saint Hoax, available for sale. Inquire via phone, email or in person today.

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