Sage Barnes: Body Language

A Solo Exhibition by Sage Barnes

“Body Language” is Sage Barnes’s third solo exhibition with Guy Hepner and Guy Hepner Editions. The works are a culmination of Barnes’s signature styles from the inception of his career. The visual language takes the viewer from his beginnings with his signature floral pieces – through his evolution of abstract portraiture and large scale multi paneled works. The pieces are a reflection of his personal journey and his most personal work to date.

“Body language is louder than words and our actions are more memorable than a face – it’s a direct reflection of our current state of mind and being.” – Sage Barnes

Barnes is a contemporary American painter based out of Kansas City. His self-taught urban style lands somewhere between pop art, street art, abstraction, and figuration. The bold colors and rich textures of his canvases are a testament to the confidence with which he explores use of different mediums. Acrylic, oil pastel, and spray paint intermingle in his gestural markings and layering of form with abstraction. Barnes briefly attended the Fashion Institute in LA before deciding to pursue his arts practice full-time. He felt the institutional confines too constricting on his self-expression. He takes a satirical approach to his exploration of themes of self-identity, self-expression, and individualism. Because he is always pushing the boundaries of his mediums, his body of work is diverse and unexpected.

Opening April 20th at Guy Hepner, 521 W. 26th St, Floor 4, NY. For more information and artwork availability, get in touch at info@guyhepnereditions.comcreate new email or call +1(212) 226-8680.