Japanese Pop Attack: Matusyama & Murakami

Pop Attack:

Japense artists Tomokazu Matsuyama and Takashi Murakami were bound to collide. Their works meld Japanese and American cultures into their fantastic pieces. These colorful, joyous, and at times, humorous works are the product of culture and identity becoming one. Their art, like their upbringing, is a mixture of ideas and emotions. Both Matsuyama and Murakami embraces their cultural roots, without neglecting American culture.

Matsuayama says: Within my work, I hope to render traditional icons and imagery within a broader ether of an international intermix that has become the evolution of what seems to be the urban-ideal of the global contemporary. Reinterpretation Edo period imagery as well as contemporary motifs and patterning, I hope to blend what is seen as Eastern and Western aesthetics into one that resists categorization and cultural belonging.

As cultures become increasingly entangled within another through the fluidity of the pathways of travel, the internet and other ways of communication and connection, urban centers are becoming increasingly familiar, with a patchwork of intermingling cultural signifiers that then become our everyday lives. both Matsuyama and Murakami’s work are a chaotic mix of cultures. However, with this mixing, so has the traditions, local signifiers and cultural identifiers begun to dissolve into an endangered species, seeming to leave behind a trail of homogenization.