Pepi Erdbories: May You Make Yourself Happy

Pepi Erdbories Presents “May You Make Yourself Happy”

On Thursday, August 19th, we are excited to feature Pepi Erdbories’ May You Make Yourself Happy series. The selection includes unique illustrations on repurposed designer paper and originals on canvas from her latest series. The works will be available on the Guy Hepner Shop from 2pm EST.

Pepi Erdbories, born in 1991, is a German Contemporary artist who started her career off as an illustrator and successfully implemented projects with well-known brands like Diesel, L’Occitane, Schwarzkopf, and many more.“Art is is not only my passion – it’s my purpose.“

She wants to empower people in a humorous way to remind them to believe in the magic of dreams and gratitude. Inspired by abstraction, illustration and various forms of art, her works stand for modern colour compositions that go hand in hand with messages in her characteristic font.

“For me, a white canvas means endless possibilities. It’s best to lose yourself while painting and to find yourself again.“

From Berlin and Hamburg to London and Barcelona to New York, Los Angeles, and beyond, Pepi is represented internationally in private collections.

Please contact info@guyhepner for more information or to enquire about presale opportunities.