Now On View: All Art Everything

Now On View: All Art Everything

All Art Everything, a collaborative exhibition with Avant Arte, is currently on view at Guy Hepner. The exhibition will run through the end of April and includes works from six emerging artists who’s work explore the current fascination of social media, technology and the contemporary artist.

The exhibition sees the use of a wide vary of mediums by artists working today. From mosaic, a 4000 year old craft, to an artists own paint application invention, All Art Everything truly shows the diversity of artists working in New York City.

american dream, gareb shamus, avant arte
Gareb Shamus works are visually compelling and exemplifies the artists methodical and precise technique. Shamus is driven by a insatiable desire to create, which has manifested in many different forms, and an innate passion of painting.  As is the challenge for all painters, how does he innovate, be part of, or even instigate evolution in painting? “Shamus developed a delivery technique using his own design of apparatus to create works that are bold vibrant and accessible”, In his work title American Dream, Shamus draws the viewer into a hypnotizing spiral and challenges the viewer as to the origin and mechanics of the actual painting process.

Alex Nero, Nero, avant arte
​Ukrainian born Alex Nero comments on the individuals ability to have influence in our shared universe. “In the shared universe we’re making a kind of musical song, the lyrics being composed of, and by, tiny instruments of its own we call ‘subatomic’ waves and particles, always in that flux,  ‘performing’, regardless of who’s listening, attending their changeable performance.” Nero uses other sorts of ‘instruments’ in terms of his artistic medium like water, paint, mirrors, magnets and chemicals to compose a visual symphony. “I have learned that our brains may act like antennae gathering such vibrating signals like our ears do with instrumental music, these signals themselves forming patterns for our senses, like ink-blots may do with and for our eyes.”

Angela China, China, emerging

Angelia China is a New York based artist also known under Gum Shoe Art. As a successful painter, China has also received a large following as a street artist. “It is evident that the inspiration of her work derives from her own inner conflict. Despite the dark undertone, her work invariably portrays the elements of hope, humor and humanity.”Into the Rose Garden and Darkness Before the Dawn both aim to both construct and then deconstruct social ideals.

Krista kim, kim, avant arte

Techism artist Krista Kim is part of a movement that reconciles technological innovation with the creation of art. Kim explains that “Tech + Art is in the creative platform.  Art is no longer limited to a frame on a wall. Techism is the art of consciousness itself. Software allows the artist to become an architect, a fashion designer, an entrepreneur. Techism is an artist’s expression drawn from the cross-pollination of contemporary tools: intelligent software and digital media. Techism is about making sense of the virtual world in the concrete world, a digital paradigm that has altered our behavior and is integrating more and more into our physical reality.”

Jason Dussault, Dussault, avant arte

​Jason Dussault’s Self-Centered series presents unique mosaic’s of artists that have influenced his personal artistic style. His passion for mosaics first delivered whilst living in Malta, a country famous for this ancient technique. Through re-envisioning one of the most primitive mediums in art history, Dussault discovers as way to bring warmth and depth into his portraits. He uses ‘different ceramic tiles and started to break them down. [He] could break these tile in ways that [he] could really use as a brush stroke.”

jeremy penn, penn, avant arte

Vice and Virtue, Jeremy Penn’s latest series combines materials to the viewers feel the “power of sex and sin; sleek and tempting at first, then the hidden rawness that lies within.” MUSE and VIBE create a dialogue with the viewer that is ever evolving and changing. Through a mirrored reflection, the Vice & Virtue series creates newfound powerful, thought-provoking feelings about sexuality deeper than you might have realized.

Now on show at Guy Hepner is our latest exhibition All Art Everything. We welcome your visit and are open to the public Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, and via appointment.

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