Keith Haring: Universal Language

Guy Hepner is pleased to present Keith Haring: Universal Language, a feature exhibition showcasing a stunning collection of limited edition prints, original subway drawings and unique works on papers.

Haring’s work is characterized by his electric colors, bold lines and loud imagery. His images continues to exert that same energy as Haring himself put into them nearly forty years ago – becoming a performance of dancing figures and forms.

Haring was inspired by the spontaneity of the street art he saw in the subways, an energy that he would continue to chase. Additionally, the graffiti he saw not only piqued his interest for the fast pace it required but also for its technical mastery when it came to the calligraphy of these tags. Haring’s drawings are obsessive and otherworldly with images of people, animals, aliens, and combinations of all three littering the pages he drew on. Little by little these drawings became their own visual language for Keith to speak through his art.

Angel Vasquez, a former friend and employee of Haring, loaned personal mementos and artworks that Haring dedicated to him during his time work at Haring’s Pop Shop in NYC. The gallery was also honoured to present a Q&A with Angel at the opening reception where he discussed his time working at there and spoke fondly of his memory, commenting on the artist’s shy and humble demeanour. Angel painted a vibrant picture of a bustling New York city during the 1980s, a time where New York truly took the stage as a global city and melting pot of culture.

Keith Haring: Universal Language will be on view at Guy Hepner in NYC. Please join us for the exhibition at 521 W 26th Street, 5th Floor, New York NY.