Keith Haring: Iconic Works for Your Pop Art Collection

retrospect, keith haring, pop shop, pop art, Retrospect by Keith Haring

Iconic Works for Your Pop Art Collection

Retrospect is one of the largest silkscreens Haring has done and represents the culmination of his Pop Shop series, acting in part as an encyclopedia of his iconography and in part as a story board for his future series. Haring’s symbolic figurations reflect upon birth, death, violence, and racism. The linear style is reminiscent of the modern forms of communication such as billboards, and advertisements and plays off the consumeristic emphasis that was prominent during these years among the other Pop Artists like Warhol and Wesselmann.

A selection of Keith Haring’s most iconic images is now available at Guy Hepner.

These recognizable works are a great addition to any collection, showing the artist’s mastery of graffiti style, while also representing some of the major themes he worked on throughout his career.