John Paul Fauves: Dark Matter

John Paul Fauves: Dark Matter

On Thursday, September 30th, Guy Hepner Editions are excited to present Dark Matter by John Paul Fauves. The exclusive release features ten original works on paper and will be available on the Guy Hepner Shop from 2pm EST.

John Paul Fauves (b. 1980) is a contemporary Costa Rican artist who lives and works in San Jose. Heavily influenced by the Fauvist movement of the early 20th century – John Paul seeks to eternally question and challenge viewers. His themes deal with all aspects of the self: temptation, addiction, and redemption being prominent throughout his works.

In his latest series, “Dark Matter”, Fauves explores a metamorphosis of the limited human body, into his incarnation of a free being – divulging a conversation between the inner and most outer parts of ourselves concerning illusions that limitations placed on us by societal institutions of belief systems.

Please contact info@guyhepner for more information or to enquire about presale opportunities.