Important Works on Canvas: Warhol, George Condo, DFace..

Important Works on Canvas: Warhol, George Condo, DFace..

Guy Hepner Contemporary Art Gallery is proud to present a carefully selected group of the latest important and interesting paintings by today’s leading international artists. The Important Works on Canvas Exhibition, which runs from 15th of September to the 23rd of October, can be seen as virtuoso performances of technical know-how and we are showing what we consider to be the best and most exciting work of renowned artists such as the award winning Andy Warhol, George Condo, D*Face, Retna, Hebru Brantley, Market Price, and Virginia Broersma.

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Bottle Service Too in the Pink by Market Price

Included in the Exhibition is one of Andy Warhol‘s most successful projects, Flowerscreated in the summer of 1964. In a series of paintings based on a photograph of hibiscus blossoms, Warhol drenched the flowers’ floppy shape with vibrant color and set them against a background of rich undergrowth, transforming them into psychedelic indoor décor. One art critic David Bourdon said of the series, “like cut-out gouaches by Matisse set adrift on Monet’s lily pond.” Warhol’s Flowers have even been said to have been created as a tribute to the slain President John F. Kennedy.

The exhibition also features painting Jean Samos Samoa piece created by one of the fastest rising urban artists, Hebru Brantley. The work is a tribute to one of his major influences, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Like Basquiat, Brantley’s art nods to black American history and gritty urban life, often highlighting social injustices, but he also brings his own affinities. Hebru draws inspiration from Marvel comics and hip-hop music to create a playful aesthetic that explores the optimism and possibilities of youth. Art world gurus say Brantley and Basquiat are one of a kind, prompting collectors to scramble for the 34-year-old Chicago artist’s current work.

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Swish by Virginia Broersma

Artists George Condo is recognized as being one of America’s most influential living artists whose works are often grotesque but classically executed beautiful paintings continue to surprise and, at times, horrify. Condo first gained attention in the early 1980’s with pieces, such as Untitled 1984, that daringly fused sensibilities of European ‘Old Master’ paintings with popular American culture. In a career spanning over 3 decades, his work blurs the lines between comedy and tragedy while being informed by historical art from the Renaissance and the Baroque through to Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism and Pop.

Similarly, Virginia Broersma’s paintings provide a unique jarring aesthetic. Like the painting above titled Swish, Broersma incorporates language of the human form, from colors of flesh to to a body’s contortions and protrusions, to it’s extensions, curves and crevices. Combining these components she creates a vocabulary of which her subjects are created, becoming more complicated the less straightforward they are.

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Sweet Nothings by DFace

Street artists Retna and D*Face feature in the exhibition with works Untitled Black & Silver and Sweet Nothings. Signature of their work, there’s always a hidden, deeper message behind their works. Retna’s kinetic letters and symbols are jolting with energy with a hand-style that is elegantly unpretentious and perfectly anarchistic, however, the messages are known to him and his inner circle alone. Retna is one of a handful who successfully take street art form into the abstract. On the other hand, prolific urban artist DFace, an associate of Banksy, continues to deface the world with his dysfunctional family of characters, satirizing all that fails. His aim is to encourage the public not just to ‘see’, but to look at what surrounds them and their lives.