Identity by Sage Barnes

On View October 12th: Identity by Sages Barnes

The TAX Collection + Guy Hepner present, IDENTITY, a solo gallery exhibition by Sage Barnes. 

On view from October 12th, Identity explores the human condition as we navigate through our own personal narratives and the world that’s continuously moving around us.

“I think I’ve always wanted to be an artist, it was just more about what I wanted to create.”

A Self Portrait #8 by Sage Barnes

Sage is a self taught artist who lives and works in the United States. His work focuses on contrast, technically and visually. He works with a wide variety of mediums utilizing conventional mediums such as acrylic and oil paints, but also boldly mixing in unique properties such as artificial flowers, stucco and foam.  

Pressure #1 by Sage Barnes

He boldly pairs opposing colors and themes in a surreal way to communicate the emotions of life’s hardships. Combining realistic, abstract and street art techniques, he has achieved a distinct look to represent his ideas. Sage’s main focus is using contrast and representational art to directly draw out the emotions and experiences of the viewer.

Pressure #2 by Sage Barnes

“This show is called ‘Identity’. The main themes are about finding our own identity and learning about how we identify with certain things in our lives. Whether that be emotions, life experiences or other things that help us learn about ourselves, it all ties into who we are.” 

The Feeling #2 by Sage Barnes

“This show also features a lot of pieces that include physical mediums like artificial flowers, stucco, foam and more. For the most part, this was my first time working with them. I wanted it like that because you learn a lot about yourself while you’re insecure and learning to utilize these new mediums taught me a lot about myself as an artist.”

The Feeling #1 by Sage Barnes

Identity marks Sage’s first solo exhibition in the U.S. In 2018 he will be focusing on branching out internationally while planning his shows in Paris and London. Identity will run until November 24th at Guy Hepners’ Chelsea location and includes unique pieces for sale. For more information visit the gallery or inquire via phone or email.

Opposites Attack #3 by Sage Barnes