Exclusive Release: Calorie Composition by Dave Pollot

Calorie Composition by Dave Pollot

Guy Hepner and The TAX Collection are pleased to present a new exclusive print release with artist Dave Pollot featuring a set of two limited edition prints and a unique hand embellished set from the artist’s latest body of work, Calorie Composition. The prints will be available world wide to shop online at guyhepnereditions.com from Thursday August 22nd at 2pm EST.

Please join us for an artist showcase and print signing the same evening with the artist. The prints will be on view and available to purchase along side original paintings from 6-8pm.

Offering a unique take on consumer culture through the juxtaposition of new and old still life aesthetics, Pollot repurposes thrifted oil paintings, seamlessly adding new life and meaning through hand painted embellishments to the previous existing backgrounds. Each addition is meant to enhance the background and each background is meant to make each addition more appealing, but it’s ultimately up to the viewer to decide whether or not this is the case.

Calorie Composition III by Dave Pollot

“Most of what I do involves the parody of pop culture mixed with mainstream and often mass produced artwork that’s found its way to a thrift shop or garage sale. The goal (and challenge) has always been to seamlessly match the style, but also the placement and idea.” – Dave Pollot

Calorie Composition I with Birthday Bacon by Dave Pollot detail 1

“My work is the confluence of time periods, zeitgeists, styles, and intentions.  By integrating distinct elements of pop culture from one generation into the abandoned artwork of another, cultural property lines are blurred and forgotten art is reinvented and transported into a more communal world where things like ‘modern nostalgia’ and ‘classical pop art’ make sense; one in which viewers are allowed an escape, if only for the few moments they spend looking at some bit of pop culture mischievously inserted into something that might have hung in their grandparents’ house.” – Dave Pollot

Calorie Composition II (Print) by Dave Pollot

We are excited to exclusively offer three separate print series through the collaboration. A special limited edition and hand embellished series presented in an edition of 5 sized at 30 x 40 inches as well two standard prints presented in editions of 25 sized at 24 x 30 inches – each printed on matte velvet rag paper.

ExtraPicklesDetail_3Calorie Composition I with Extra Pickles, Sweet and Sour Sauce by Dave Pollot (Detail 5)

“At the end of the day, one of my things is to see someone look at one of my pieces and laugh, or get excited, or shake their head… It’s really nice to take step back and laugh at art sometimes.” – Dave Pollot