Hong Ji-Young: Epidermis World

Hong Ji-Young Presents “Epidermis World”

On Thursday, September 2nd, Guy Hepner and The Tax Collection are excited to present Hong Ji-Young’s Epidermis World series. The exclusive series features two limited edition prints and a selection of original paintings on canvas. The artworks will be available on the Guy Hepner Shop from 2pm EST.

Hong Ji-Young is an artist thriving to negate prejudice through art, using the concept of thermal imaging cameras to remove “epidermis” and instead focus on the inner appearance of the world.

“As an artist, I want to remove prejudice among people based on their appearance and focus more on the inner side of humankind. I try to think outside the box and view the inner workings of humankind differently, letting the viewer interpret my artworks through various colors.”

Please contact info@guyhepner.comcreate new email for more information or to enquire about presale opportunities.