Gregory Thielker: Under The Unminding Sky

Guy Hepner Editions is pleased to present “Under The Unminding Sky”, a solo exhibition by artist Gregory Thielker opening May 11th at Guy Hepner Editions. Join us for the opening reception Thursday May 11th from 6-8pm EST at our flagship Chelsea NY location.

“This exhibition represents a new chapter in this series of driving views which have captivated me for more than fifteen years. Working from photographs taken during many road trips, I focus on the landscape in motion as seen from behind the wheel of the car. I use oil paint with slow precision to create the fleeting effects of weather, light, and speed. Some realistic images retain the composition of the road flanked by trees, while others dissolve into abstractions of light and color. In this new body of work, there are several sequences of paintings, where the images show different views along the same road, just seconds apart. Each image holds its own moment, yet connects to the others. Fractions of a second become timeless in this process, like a lingering note in a musical phrase that stretches out, letting us pause in this sensation.

The roadway offers an onward rushing freedom, and thoughts and feelings often appear that would otherwise be too difficult to face. The passage “under the unminding skies” from the Dylan Thomas poem, ‘This side of truth’, reflects the possibility that nature can be an impartial witness for the inner struggles that we each face. For me, these paintings then signify the release, the shift of perspective that comes from motion. It is hope that comes when the view is not fixed, but fluid.” – Gregory Thielker

About the artist:

Gregory Thielker is an American artist currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. With projects in locations including the US Mexico border, Afghanistan, and India, his work often blends on-site research and studio production. He has exhibited throughout the United States and abroad. He is a Fulbright Fellow and has done residencies in India, Norway, El Salvador, and Argentina. His work has been featured by Juxtapoz, The Guardian, Vermont Public Radio, The Independent, and La Repubblica.

Please join us for the opening reception at Guy Hepner Editions, 521 W. 26th St, Floor 4, NY. For more information: info@guyhepnereditions.comcreate new email.