Fanny Brodar: Party Town

Fanny Brodar: Party Town

Where to Mac?” This was the first line of a character that keeps appearing in Fanny Brodar’s work: Oscar the Grouch. His voice was inspired by a NYC taxi driver. 

Honky Tonk by Fanny Brodar

Where to is Party Town, a collision of the 1970s and the 2000s. It is an animated tapestry of memories from childhood, present day pop culture, and the future. Bright colors, child-like marks, and scribbled words invite the viewer to delve deeper into their own nostalgia while also questioning what is real and what is make believe. 

Brodar’s muppet-like characters evolved from an escape from a traumatic childhood and represent the many emotions of a child. The artist’s faux naïf paintings lure the viewer into her made-up and magical world, like her childhood bedroom that became whatever she wanted simply by thinking it up. Further, she builds on the nostalgic associations of the audience, presenting monsters that resemble familiar characters from childhood, fashion trends, and pop culture.

“I’m a beekeeper, and often include flowers and little monsters in my work. Yoga and meditation are my daily practice. Weaving all of these things together, my paintings become like this euphoric tapestry — an otherworldly, and magical place that I dream of being in. I take care of nature in a very Buddhist-like way; I especially love the tiniest creatures.

She loves improvisational theater, and the way she paints is similar; spontaneously from a thought rather than pre-sketching. This allows the viewer to see hints of her process through exposed pencil marks, paint drips, and deliberate unpainted areas. Fanny starts her paintings by working flat on the floor, layering paint, and then drawing and doodling directly on the canvas, turning it upright on stretcher bars or the wall. This also allows her to use her whole body when making the initial gestures.

Opening October 13th with Guy Hepner and Guy Hepner Editions – Brodar’s first solo exhibition with the gallery “Party Town”, also features our first homeware collaboration with the artist and a first move into design objects for Guy Hepner Editions. “Dinner Party” An exclusive collection of limited edition porcelain plates based off of the artist’s  “Dinner Party” Series. Consisting of six unique plates measuring 10.5 inches, each is adorned with distinctive text and Brodar’s signature characters. 

At the intersection of portraiture and personal narrative, each gives a unique look into the artist’s core inspirations – her formative years in New York City and the shaping of her signature vibrant hues and childlike motifs. Drawing inspiration from her own family life, the artist intends to spark conversation and familiarity with the viewer and hopes to bring a feeling of togetherness that we all experience around the universal “dinner table”

For information and inquiries, please contact info@guyhepnereditions.comcreate new email to receive the full catalog of available works and more information on our “Dinner Party” Series dinnerware collaboration.