Fabio La Fauci Exclusive Release

This Thursday Guy Hepner and the TAX Collection are pleased to release a series of exclusive works on paper with Fabio La Fauci from his latest series “Is It You?”. The series features a set of twelve works, each with a unique hand casted head. We will also be offering a standard print titled Oops in a limited edition of 20. The artworks will be available directly on the Guy Hepner Online Shop on Thursday December 12th from 2pm EST.


Portrait In Black No. 3 by Fabio La Fauci

“Fabio’s acrylic paste has been rounded perfectly into the shape of a face—so while it is irregular and disarming, each portrait remains rigorous in its composition and form, creating an intriguing tension between organic figurative shapes and abstract geometry, and between reality and perplexity.”

Portrait In Blue No. 1 by Fabio La Fauci

Italian born, Berlin-based artist Fabio La Fauci‘s most recent work is a set of twelve portraits, where each face has been masked by a thick, sculpted layer of ceramic and acrylic modelling paste. The series follows Fabio’s taste for surrealism and abstraction, ambiguity and transformation, and the passage from one form to another form. These works hint at our own disconnectedness in a world saturated with images; our curiosity and need for recognition veiled in an additional level of complexity and frightening disorientation.

Portrait In White No. 3 by Fabio La Fauci

“The portraits can be read in a variety of ways: thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, we are overexposed to portraits like never before, we’re absolutely surrounded by faces. Also, for the first time in history, we have the capacity to actually alter our faces thanks to plastic surgery…Not that I’m trying to make any specific statement with these paintings, rather to I want to confront the viewer with a question mark.” Instead, he wants to create a reaction. “I don’t think paintings are meant to say anything, they’re supposed to provoke,” – Fabio La Fauci

Portrait In Violet No. 3 by Fabio La Fauci