Ephemeral Exhibition


August 11th – September 9th 2016

Presented by Guy Hepner & Tax Collection

Flora Borsi, Borsi, emerging, surreal

On August 11th, Guy Hepner has partnered with Tax Collection to present Ephemeral, an exhibition showcasing eleven of the most trending online artists across the world today. The TAX Collection is a multi modal creative collective aimed at revolutionizing the way popular culture interacts within producer-consumer, artist-audience, and creator-user relationships.

Champagne Lips by Bianca Gerasia

One part of the exhibition includes photography from Flora Borsi, Parker Day, Jessica KenyonBianca Gerasia also known as The Glass CameraBorsi, who has flown in from Hungary, focuses on capturing the complex strength and fragility of the human psyche while using exquisite photo manipulation to create surreal images as depicted above. She has even the face of Adobe Photoshop of the year 2014. Day, on the other hand, produces eclectic and kitschy characters in her photographs with bright contrasting of colors to explore the idea of identity expression and how it is largely performative and transmutable.The Glass Camera and Kenyon focus on capturing a moment, idea, or creation. Kenyon began by shooting unique, colorful moving subjects found in her kitchen –  liquid, smoke, oil, etc.

Untitled Blue and Sienna by Derick Smith


Another segment of the Ephemeral exhibition include works from painters John Paul Fauves, Fucci, and Derick Smith. When looking at John Paul Fauves ‘Mickey Me’ Collection, you can immediately see his influence from the Fauvist and expressionist movement. The collection features a hedonistic Mickey who being a world wide iconic figure of innocence, represents the pleasure-seeking life style we are all being tempted with. With Fucci, we see a vibrant yet minimalistic post-pop expression of sexual perversion combined with wit to bring large scaled unique class of contemporary art. On the other hand, Smith creates unique eternal paintings made of strategic cascades of different colors of wet paint that dry into captivating abstract forms.

Vodka Campbell by John Paul Fauves

Also included in the Ephemeral exhibition is a sculpture made by Sergio Garcia.  Titled, It’s Not Easy To Tell What’s Real And What’s Fabricated, Garcia reinvents a common childhood icon, the tricycle using unconventional materials and transforms it into fanciful vessels. By morphing the frames into whimsical, Dr. Seuss -like riddles: a nostalgic nod to childhood whimsy that denies functionality and the object’s original purpose.
It's Not easy to Tell What's Real and What's Fabricated by Sergio Garcia
Our final selection of artworks take on a modern digital approach with surreal artists such as Tony Futura, Felipe Posada, and Pierre Schmidt. Futura, from Berlin, creates comical pop culture images often charged with political or sexual energy while Posada displays digital collages touching upon subjects such as metaphysics, mythology, space exploration and astrology infused with a dash of retro-futuristic nostalgia. Similarly, Schmidt, also known as ‘Drømsjel’, infuses vintage photography of well-groomed ladies and gentlemen with botanical disturbances of growth and decay that both disturb and delight in equal measure.

Sonne Hat sie Gesagt by Pierre Schmidt

Running until September 9th at 568 Broadway Suite 502, the exhibition includes unique pieces for sale starting from $5000 by artists Flora Borsi, Sergio Garcia, Fucci,John Paul Fauves, Pierre Schmidt, Tony Futura, Felipe Posada, Derick Smith, Parker Day, Jessica Kenyon and Bianca Gerasia. . For more information visit the gallery or inquire via phone or email.

Cloud Nine by Jessica Kenyon

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