Dimitri Likissas: Summer Nostalgia

Dimitri Likissas: Summer Nostalgia

On Thursday, July 22nd, we are excited to present Dimitri’s Likissas’s Summer Nostalgia. The new series features an exclusive selection of oil paintings and a limited edition print which will be available on the Guy Hepner Shop from 2pm EST.

Dimitri’s work stems from a long tradition of using distinct dots of color in art, which the viewer’s mind blends together to create the final image. Playing with chromatic tonality and the dissection of visual planes, Dimitri creates works that seem to move and undulate within the canvas as if attempting to escape their two dimensional confines. While the dots work together in harmony to create the image, their circular nature acts in opposition to his square or rectangular canvases, reminding us of the basic elements of life and how atoms are in a constant movement – propelling against each other – creating matter itself.

Having studied the works of the original Pointillist masters, such as Georges Seurat and Henri Edmond-Cross, as well as pop artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring, Likissas gives us a fresh interpretation of Pointillism and the usage of dots in painting.

The series, Summer Nostalgia, celebrates iconic summer imagery that allows us to reminisce on the carefree, sun chasing season. From beach umbrellas to diving boards, flamingos to cocktails, Dimitri’s distinct style brings bright colors, graphic compositions and hand painted precision to the viewer.

Please contact info@guyhepner for more information or to enquire about presale opportunities.