Daniele Fortuna: The Vareitas Series

Daniele Fortuna Presents The Vareitas Series

On Thursday, October 21st, Guy Hepner Editions is excited to present Daniele Fortuna’s Vareitas Series. The exclusive series features a diverse collection of new sculptural works surveying Fortuna’s most iconic interpretations and styles. The sculptures will drop on the Guy Hepner Shop on Thursday from 2pm EST.

Each of Fortuna’s sculptures is composed of a number of small, wooden, painted elements that are being put together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Inspired by the Italian art he grew up with, Fortuna started to imagine the story behind the paintings. He felt attracted to the objects and elements in the paintings by artists like Giorgio De Chirico, Aligi Sassu and Lucio Fontana. Fortuna interprets those elements by giving them the third dimension and as he says ”contaminating” them with contemporary colour. The sculptures connect the old tradition of Italian painting with a pop-art way of expression.

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