Daniele Fortuna: Modern Baroque

Daniele Fortuna: Modern Baroque

On Thursday March 25th, we are excited to present a new series with Daniele Fortuna titled Modern Baroque. The series features an exclusive selection of editioned and unique sculptures inspired by the grandeur, exuberance and drama of the Baroque period.

Daniele Fortuna was born in Milan, Italy in 1981. After graduating from the European Institute of Design in Milan, and spending a few years abroad studying art in Ireland, Fortuna moved back to Italy. Here, in his studio in Piacenza, is where he has been working on his sculptures.

Inspired by the Italian art he grew up with, Fortuna started to imagine the story behind the paintings. He felt attracted to the objects and elements in the paintings by artists like Giorgio De Chirico, Aligi Sassu and Lucio Fontana. Daniele Fortuna interprets those elements by giving them the third dimension and as he says ”contaminating” them with contemporary colour. The sculptures connect the old tradition of Italian painting with a pop-art way of expression.

Each of Fortuna’s sculptures is composed of a number of small, wooden, painted elements that are being put together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Sculptures from Modern Baroque can be purchased directly on the Guy Hepner Online Shop on Thursday from 2pm EST. Please reach out directly for further details and pre-sale opportunities.